Yes on 3

At Elizabeth Freeman Center, we stand behind a “Yes” vote on Question 3, to maintain protections for trans and non-binary members of our community. We all deserve to be safe, wherever we go, however we look, whoever we are. This law supports our deeply-held belief that no one should suffer harassment, violence, or discrimination based on gender. We hope you will stand with us on November 6 in voting “Yes”.

In supporting Yes on 3, we are joined by other organizations across Massachusetts, including law enforcement such as the Pittsfield and Lenox Police Chiefs, anti-violence organizations including Jane Doe Inc and The Network/La Red, elected officials including North Adams Mayor Tom Bernard, Attorney General Maura Healey and Governor Charlie Baker, and newspapers including the Berkshire Eagle and the Boston Globe. We hope you join us in voting “Yes” on 3.

Please remember that a Yes vote will uphold our current non-discrimination protections, and that this question may be on the back of your ballot!


EFC stands with Yes on Question 3