January 2019 Freeman Flash

Hello Friends! Time to curl up with a hot cocoa and enjoy our latest Freeman Flash. Inside you’ll find:

  • Action of the Month: Title IX changes will harm survivors. Here’s how to speak out.
  • Thanks to you, our holiday project was a huge success!
  • Meet our newest staff.
  • Read about the great work young choreographers are doing in our area to bring attention to sexual assault.

We hope you are all having a warm and wonderful winter.

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Yes on 3

At Elizabeth Freeman Center, we stand behind a “Yes” vote on Question 3, to maintain protections for trans and non-binary members of our community. We all deserve to be safe, wherever we go, however we look, whoever we are. This law supports our deeply-held belief that no one should suffer harassment, violence, or discrimination based on gender. We hope you will stand with us on November 6 in voting “Yes”.

In supporting Yes on 3, we are joined by other organizations across Massachusetts, including law enforcement such as the Pittsfield and Lenox Police Chiefs, anti-violence organizations including